HRH The Duke of Edinburgh 1921-2021

Coniston Parish Council is deeply saddened at the news of the passing of HRH Duke of Edinburgh.  Our thoughts are with The Royal Family at this sad time.

Digital Borderlands – an oppounity to improve your broadband speeds


An exciting opportunity to improve your broadband

More funding is now available to help homes and businesses in rural areas of Cumbria and Northumberland who currently do not have access to broadband services of at least 30Mbps download. The funding will pay towards the cost of installing gigabit-capable broadband to premises when part of a group project.

The Borderlands Inclusive Growth Deal has added additional funding to the Government’s Rural Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme to make it even easier to upgrade your connectivity.

What funding is available?

• Residential properties are eligible for between £500 and £3,000 per property.

• Small and medium-sized businesses are eligible for between £500 and £7,000 per property.

Digital Borderlands

Three easy steps set up your scheme:

1. Visit to find out more about the scheme.

2. Contact your neighbours to find out if they would like to be part of the scheme.

3. Find a registered supplier active in your area at

There is no application process to complete. If a registered supplier can provide a gigabit capable connection to your business premises they will offer the voucher as a discount towards the installation costs. Set up a project and contact a supplier soon as the scheme ends on 31 March 2021.

Why gigabit?

Gigabit-capable networks are future proof. They can deliver the connection speeds we need – not only today but far into the future. Each voucher recipient must commit to take a service of at least 30Mbps for at least 12months.

For small and medium sized businesses

Getting ready for a gigabit speed with full fibre connections will support increasing demand for:

• online business applications

• internet connected devices

• cloud data storage

• cyber security systems

• streamed services such as video conferencing

• remote and flexible working for employees

For homes

Demand for greater digital connectivity around the home is only set to accelerate for:

• video and music streaming

• cloud storage

• video calling

• use of internet connected devices

• flexible working opportunities

Statement regarding Bluebird K7

Statement by the Bluebird Event Working Group – 27th August 2018
We wholeheartedly congratulate Bill Smith and the Bluebird K7 project team on the huge success of Bluebird K7’s tests on Loch Fad. This is a shining example of the continuing greatness of British engineering.
We fully understand the decision for Bluebird K7 to have its initial trials on Loch Fad for floatation trials and crew training to be tested in a controlled environment.
In 2006 the Ruskin Museum was gifted the recovered Bluebird K7 and built an extension specifically to house the hydroplane which was opened in 2008 at a cost of £700,000.
Coniston is ready for the return of Bluebird K7 now it is once again a living breathing machine. We’re passionate about seeing Bluebird K7’s return to Coniston to be seen up close in the museum and on Coniston Water so she can be enjoyed by all those who visit the area. In 2010 the Coniston Water Byelaws were amended so that trials and demonstration runs can take place – and we look forward to confirming dates with Bill and the Bluebird project team so these trials and demonstration runs can commence.
We’re delighted that there is so much interest in Bluebird K7 from home and abroad and look forward to welcoming everyone to Coniston.
Donald Campbell frequently stated that the he and his boat should remain together. The Record Breaker was buried in Coniston’s cemetery on 12 September 2001, and his grave is a place of pilgrimage for people the world over.

Notes to editors:
About the Bluebird Event Working Group
Founded in 2016 and based in Coniston, the Bluebird Event Working Group includes members of Coniston Parish Council, Coniston Business Forum, Lake District National Park Authority (LDNPA), The Ruskin Museum and representatives from the community.



Statement by BEWG 27 August 2018

Lakeland 100 & Coniston Community Fund

Statement – Bluebird