Velo Retro Vintage Cycling –

2nd June 2024

8:15 am


This will be passing through the area late morning and early afternoon on June 2nd.

The event is for retro cycles (and riders!) and is not a race.

This is the 10th anniversary event and we have an excellent reputation for safety and respect for local communities and the environment.

The event starts between 0815-0900 in Ulverston, with wave starts. As such, we manage to keep disruption to a minimum

Medium: Ulverston, Lowick Bridge, Coniston Water East, Coniston, Lowick green, Ulverston

Long: Lowick Bridge, Coniston Water East, Coniston, Hawkshead Hill, Wray, Cunsey, Grizedale, Satterthwaite V Hall, Spark Bridge, Lowick Green, Ulverston. Note: there is an extra long loop taking in Finsthwaite and Bouth, but the number are very small and will be highly dispersed.