Grizedale Stages Rally 2016

Date: Friday 25 November 2016 - 3:01pm

The Grizedale Stages Rally will take place on Saturday 26th November 2016. The rally will start from Coniston but most activities such as Scrutineering (pre-event safety and eligibility checks) and Signing-On (documentation), as well as Service, will be held at Skelwith Fold Caravan Site so there will be more activity here – and less in Coniston – on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Clappersgate, Skelwith Fold;
Friday 25th November 2016. 3:00pm to 8:00pm & Saturday 26th November 2016. 8:00am to 10:00am. Competitors arrive at Skelwith Fold for Scrutineering and Signing on.
Saturday 26th November 2016. 2:00pm to 4:00pm. Competitors return to Skelwith Fold to load trailers and head home.

Coniston Village Centre;
Saturday 26th November 2016. 9:00am to 11:00am. The first car starts from the Main Car Park at 9:30am (You are welcome to see the cars close-up in the car park during the Start) with the last car leaving at around 10:30am. They will head up the A593 towards Torver.

Broughton Moor Area, Wallenrigg, Piggy Lane, Grizebeck, Gawthwaite and Lowick Green.
Saturday 26th November 2016. 10:00am to 11:45am. Cars head from Broughton Moor via Wallenrigg, Piggy Lane, Woodland Road (to Wreaks End), then the A595 via Grizebeck, Gawthwaite and Lowick Green before a Time Control at The Farmers Arms at Lowick.

Spark Bridge, Colton Hill, Colton, Oxen Park, Force Forge, Bowkerstead.
Saturday 26th November 2016. 10:40am to 12:00pm. Cars head from The Farmers Arms to enter Grizedale forest at Bowkerstead, via Colton, Oxen Park and Force Forge.

High Cross, Drunken Duck, Holmeshead Farm
Saturday 26th November 2016. 11:30pm to 1:00pm, and 1:40pm to 3:00pm. Cars exit the forest at “Tinklers Wood” and head up to High Cross on the B5285, then via the Drunken Duck and Holmeshead Farm to enter Skelwith Fold at the back gate. This is repeated after the second run of stages in Grizedale.

Outgate, Hawkshead, Dale Park, Force Mills
Saturday 26th November 2016. 12:40pm to 2:00pm. Cars head from Service at Skelwith Fold on the B5286 via Outgate and Hawkshead, alongside Esthwaite and then via Dale Park and Force Mills to re-enter Grizedale forest at Bowkerstead.

Please note; the rally cars WILL NOT be travelling at speed on the public road.

If you would like to see the cars in action in the forest, there are five public car parks;
A “High Barn” – North of the Visitor Centre, near Moor Top. (Also disabled car park) 10:50 & 13:00hrs
B “High Cross” – top of Hawkshead Hill. 10:55 & 13:05hrs
C “Machells Coppice” – East of Lake road. (25 mins walk to the stage) 10:35 & 12:45hrs
D “The Heald” – East of Lake road. 10:35 & 12:45hrs
E “Bowkerstead Farm” – south of Satterthwaite. (20 mins walk to the stage) 10:35 & 12:45hrs

Yours sincerely,
Graham Parker, Rally Manager, Grizedale Stages Rally 2016.

Note to residents of Spark Bridge, Colton Hill, Colton, Oxen Park, Force Forge, Bowkerstead.

Grizedale Stages Rally will be using exactly the same format, route and timetable as last year, which was the first time the route had taken competitors through Spark Bridge, Colton Hill, Oxen Park and Force Forge. Please don’t worry that this is the start of us running this same route every year, we are quite aware that rallying isn’t everyones’ cup of tea so we do generally change the routes every couple of years to give those who don’t want the cars past their houses a break.
Hopefully all will run as smoothly as it appeared to last year. Don’t forget, the rally cars will NOT be travelling at speed along the road; we have set the time schedule such that they have plenty of time to get to Grizedale (the average speed is less than 20mph). However there will be around 75 cars – one per minute – with the first one leaving Spark Bridge at 10:40am.

The date is Saturday 26th November 2016.

Contact Details

  • Name: Rally Manager; Graham Parker,
  • Telephone: 01539 732813 / 07778 333667