Grizedale Stages Rally 2019

Date: Friday 6 December 2019

The rally itself will be taking place on Saturday 7th December 2019, with competitors arriving from the afternoon of Friday 6th December.

The pre-event Signing On (documentation) and Scrutineering (Safety and eligibility checks) will be taking place at Miller Bridge car park in Ambleside. (15:00 – 19:00hrs Friday, 07:00 – 09:00hrs Saturday) Competitors will be parking their trailers here for the duration of the rally.

On Saturday morning the official start will be at Monk Coniston car park (09:30 – 11:00hrs)

We will continue to use Skelwith Fold Caravan Park as our HQ (including Rally Control) and for competitors Service Halt. (12:08 – 14:18hrs Saturday)

We expect to have 90 competitors, each running 1 minute apart. Times given below are for the first competitor.

We are aware that the date unfortunately clashes with the Hawkshead Christmas Market and the competitor route avoids the Hawkshead area as far as possible.

From the Start [09:30hrs] competitors head East along the B5285 and then turn sharp Right to enter the forest at Tinklers Wood [09:40hrs]

Competitors will tackle two special stages in Grizedale West [09:43 & 10:06hrs] and exit at The Heald [10:16hrs]. They then head for Broughton Moor forest via High Nibthwaite, Water Yeat and Torver. Between Water Yeat and Torver the competitors will be allowed to meet their teams for “Auxiliary Service” for a maximum of 10 minutes. They then head along the A593 to Piggy Lane, then back past Wallenrigg to enter Broughton Moor forest just beyond The Hawk. [11:16hrs]

After doing the special stage in Broughton Moor twice, [11:19 & 11:35hrs] they head towards Skelwith Fold for “Service” going past Burlington quarry [11:38hrs] and via Torver, Coniston, B5285, High Cross and the Drunken Duck to enter at the “back gate” [12:08hrs]

After service, competitors return to Grizedale West to do the same stages, but this time combined into a single 18-mile special stage. The route takes them from Skelwith Fold [12:58hrs] via Outgate, Hawkshead Hill, High Cross to enter the forest at Tinklers Wood [13:18hrs].

After completing this long stage, they will exit the forest at The Heald [13:42hrs] and head to the official finish at Skelwith Fold [14:07hrs] via Brantwood, Monk Coniston, B5285, High Cross and the Drunken Duck.

There will be 4 Spectator car parks for the rally at 1/ Low Bowkerstead, 2/ Moor Top, 3/ High Cross, 4/ Machells Coppice. Whilst we cannot control how spectators reach their chosen car park, we will be directing them from the South to 1/ & 2/, and from the North to 3/ & 4/ in order to minimise those going through Hawkshead.

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