The Mighty Corinthian

Date: Sunday 26 June 2016 - 4:00am

The Mighty Corinthian is the longest vintage cycling event in the world at 301km or 187 miles. The pilot of this event will be passing through your area on June 26.
As this is the pilot year, the riders will be highly dispersed and you should expect no disruption. Further, we will not allow the event to grow beyond 300 in future years, so this very low level of disruption will always be the case.
The riders will be using traditional steel racing bikes, with the newest being at least 30 years old! They will also be noticeable by their period racing jerseys and goggles! Please give them a cheer if you see them, they will need all of the help they can get!
Approximate timings:
Coniston: 0400-0530
Grasmere: 0730-0830
Caldbeck / Hesket Newmarket: 0900-1030
Lazonby / Kirkoswald: 1130-1230
Melmerby: 1230-1320
Appleby: 1345-1500
Brougham: 1340-1640
Pooley Bridge: 1420-1730
Glenridding: 1500-1840
Troutbeck: 1530-1920
Ambleside: 1550-2010
Ulverston: 1700-2140
Thank you for your understanding.

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