Coniston Community Orchard Group

There was a great turnout for the initial meeting for those interested in establishing a traditional orchard in the heart of the parish. There was a great deal of agreement in relation to what the aims of the group shouldbe. It was clear that was a real desire to create an open access orchard which is a welcoming space for the whole community. The orchard will focus on creating an area with real bio-diversity and interest through planting a wide range of local heritage varieties of fruit trees and hedgerow, all under planted with native bulbs andmeadow flowers. As traditional orchards can last for over a hundred years, this project needs to ensure that planning is thorough and that the work undertaken in the next few years will contribute to the creation of a valuable community resource. All people have something to contribute: you may be interested in getting your handsdirty when work parties are organised, you might be interested in fundraising, communication, design, or developing educational resources whatever energy and enthusiasm you have will be welcome within the group. There will be another meeting in early March when we will be in a position to developclearer terms of reference and to be able to identify the land upon which we hope to establish the orchard. This will be the starting point for a great deal of work. If you would like to be kept informed of developments please like our Facebook Group (Coniston Community Orchard Group) alternatively contact to be kept up-to-date by email. Similarly, if you have any questions or queries or wouldlike to get involved please email

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