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There are 7 seats for Councillors in Coniston Parish Council. All Councillors are volunteers and give their time willingly to the Parish. If you are interested in becoming a Councillor please contact a current Councillor or the Clerk.

Tracy Coward - Councillor, Chairman

Email: tracy.coward@coniston.info

Register of Interests: Download 247.0 KB PDF

Heather Troughton - Councillor, Vice Chairman

Email: heather.troughton@coniston.info

Register of Interests: Download 247.7 KB PDF

James Buller - Councillor

Email: james.buller@coniston.info

Register of Interests: Download 2.2 MB PDF

Charles Sargeant - Councillor

Email: chas.sargeant@coniston.info

Register of Interests: Download 1.9 MB PDF

Shaun Atkinson - Councillor

Email: shaun.atkinson@coniston.info

Spencer Metcalfe - Councillor

Email: spencer.metcalfe@coniston.info

Robert McCracken - Councillor

Email: robert.mccracken@coniston.info

Michael Dearnley - Parish Clerk

Email: parish@coniston.info